Other Gardening Jobs in September

The Vegetable Patch in September
The Fruit Garden in September

Go blackberry picking
Hedgerows are full of delicious blackberries at this time of year. They are great in cakes, crumbles, jams, home-made blackberry juice and ice-cream. Don’t miss this free bounty!

Store canes and plant supports
Put canes away as you finish with them. They are best stored in a shed, garage or greenhouse where they will stay dry. They won’t last many seasons if you leave them out during the winter.

Plant daffodils and crocus for next year
Add a lovely splash of colour to your garden next spring by planting daffodil and crocus bulbs. Plant directly into the soil or in pots.

Plant hyacinth bulbs ready for Christmas
Hyacinths have a wonderful fragrance. Plant in pretty pots, store in the dark until their shoots are 5cm long, then bring into the light. Plant them towards the end of the month so that they will be ready for Christmas.

Mow your lawn
Cut your grass on dry days when you can. It won’t be long before it’s too wet and you don’t want long grass throughout the winter.



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