The Fruit Garden in September

The Vegetable Patch in September
Other Gardening Jobs in September

Pick autumn fruiting raspberries
Towards the end of summer, the autumn fruiting raspberries will be ready. Pick on warm days when they have reached full colour. Pick regularly every couple of days.

Remove summer fruiting raspberry canes
Prune summer fruiting raspberry canes that have fruited to ground level. The stems of these canes will be brown whereas new growth will be green.

Plant strawberry runners
Now is the time to plant new strawberry runners for cropping next year. Choose varieties that fruit at different times of the year (early, mid and late season), so that you get strawberries all summer long.

Harvest early apple varieties
Early apples are best eaten fresh. Gently twist them off the tree and crunch into the lovely firm juicy flesh.

Pick pears, plums, and damsons
These will be ready for picking. Pick pears whilst they are still hard and leave to ripen in a cool, dark, dry place (a garage is ideal). If you have a glut of plums and damsons, process and freeze for winter use, or make jam. Damson jam in particular is delicious.

Harvest grapes and melons
Taste the odd grape now and again to check for ripeness. Once sweet enough, harvest the whole bunch. Melons are ready when they start to give off a lovely rich scent.



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