Other Gardening Jobs in October

The Vegetable Patch in October
The Fruit Garden in October

Autumn Planting BulbsPlant bulbs
Plant daffodil, tulip and crocus bulbs for colour next spring. They can be planted in flower borders, containers or naturalised in grass.

Clear fallen leaves
Fallen leaves are a great place for pests to overwinter. Clear any fallen leaves and start your own leaf compost. Rake them off your grass too, otherwise the grass beneath will die.

Move trees and shrubs
Trees and shrubs are best moved whilst they are dormant, but the soil is still workable.

Grow some mushrooms
Autumn is the time for mushrooms. Buy a mushroom kit or mushroom log and grow your own fresh mushrooms.

Wash your greenhouse down
Once everything has finished in the greenhouse give it a thorough clean with detergent and disinfectant to remove any pests. Or if you’ve got chickens, put them in the greenhouse for a day and they’ll do the job of removing the pests for you (we’ve found it works a treat!)



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