The Fruit Garden in October

The Vegetable Patch in October
Other Gardening Jobs in October

Autumn Bliss RaspberriesHarvest last of the fruit
Finish harvesting apples, pears, plums, grapes and raspberries. If you’ve got a glut, think about freezing them. Stewed apple, pear and plum can be used in puddings all winter, and raspberries freeze very well.

Plant rhubarb crowns
Plant new rhubarb crowns or divide those that you already have.

Plant strawberry runners
Plant new strawberry plants ready for fruiting next year. They can be planted in the soil, or in pots and containers.

Prune blackcurrants and gooseberries
Cut back old wood on blackcurrants and gooseberries, and remove any wispy growth.

Tidy existing strawberry plants
Remove any straw around the strawberries and cut back old leaves.

Cut back summer-fruiting raspberry canes
Any canes that have fruited should be cut back to just above ground level. Tie new canes to the support wires.

Plant bareroot fruit trees
October is an excellent time to plant bareroot fruit trees. Plant them before the ground gets too hard. Cherries, apples, plums, and pears can all be planted now.

Allow birds into your fruit cage
Once all the fruit has been picked, let the birds into your fruit cage to pick off any pests.

Move citrus trees indoors
Any citrus trees that have spent the summer outside should be moved indoors. Place in a bright airy place away from draughts and radiators.



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