The Vegetable Patch in November

The Fruit Garden in November
Other Gardening Jobs in November

Broad Bean SeedsSow broad beans
Choose a variety that is suitable for autumn sowing, such as Aquadulce or The Sutton. Only sow in mild areas and sow more than you are likely to need, as some may not germinate or survive. Sowing now will give you an early crop next year.

Harvest winter cabbages, cauliflowers, kale and brussel sprouts
Early maturing Brussels will be ready after the first frosts. Pick from the bottom of the stem. Winter cabbages and kale can be picked when needed.

Harvest winter vegetables
There are still several things to be picked during November, including celeriac, leeks, Jerusalem Artichokes, parsnip, salsify and scorzonera, spinach, chard, swede, and the last of the squash and pumpkins.

Buy Garlic Bulbs and Elephant GarlicSow garlic
Garlic is best sown during late autumn. Sow directly into the soil, remembering to mark where it is!

Remove runner bean supports
Take down any canes that you have been using as supports. Clean any soil off them and store in a dry place, such as a shed, greenhouse or garage. Looking after your canes means that they will last longer.

Collecting Vegetable SeedsFinish collecting dried bean seeds
Remove all the beans from your dried out bean pods. Check that they are completely dry before storing in an airtight container. If they’re not quite dry then store them in a warm place for a few days.

Remove all plant debris
Clear away all old vegetable plants that have finished cropping, and add them to your compost heap. This helps to avoid a build up of pests and diseases in the ground.

Dig your vegetable patch
Turn your soil over and leave it roughly dug so that the frosts can break it down. This improves the texture of the soil and will make it easier to work next spring.

Add manure and other organic matter to the soil
Spread manure, leaf mould, or mushroom compost over your vegetable patch (don’t use manure where you will be growing root crops though). The worms will gradually take it in over the winter.

Protect winter brassicas from pigeons
As the weather gets colder, pigeons may start to eat the leaves on brassicas. Protect your brassicas with netting as they can quickly destroy your crop.

Stake tall brassicas
It’s worth providing support for tall brassicas such as brussel sprouts. Strong winds can rock the plants and cause the roots to become loose. A strong sturdy stake will prevent this happening.


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