Other Gardening Jobs in November

The Vegetable Patch in November
The Fruit Garden in November

Plant flowering bulbs
Bring lots of early colour to your garden next year by planting spring flowering bulbs, such as daffodils, tulips, crocuses and grape hyacinths. They’ll bring your garden to life and sweep away the winter blues. Plant them in containers or directly into the soil.

Move tender plants under cover
Make sure all tender plants that are not frost-hardy have been moved inside if they are in pots, or have been covered with some kind of protection, such as straw and horticultural fleece.

Rake up all leaves
Remove any leaves that have fallen from the trees. Either add them to your compost or make your own leaf mould. Pile the leaves into wire cages or place in strong bags and leave to break down. Pests, such as snails and slugs, like nothing better than a safe pile of leaves to hide under.

Cover compost heaps
Place a piece of old carpet or thick cardboard over your compost heap to stop the rain from leaching all the nutrients away. This will also help to keep the heat in.

Give your greenhouse an end of season clean
Give the greenhouse a good clean both inside and out. This will help remove any pests and diseases and means it will be in tip top shape when you come to use it again early next year. Insulate your greenhouse with bubble wrap if you are going to use it over the winter. Ventilate on sunny days to prevent mould from building up.



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