The Fruit Garden in November

The Vegetable Patch in November
Other Gardening Jobs in November

It seems strange to be thinking of summer fruit just as it turns colder, but now is the correct time of year to get most fruit plants in the ground. The plants are dormant and so transplant much better.

Buy Fruit Trees OnlinePlant fruit trees
Bare-root fruit trees can be planted now. You don’t need to have much space to have a few fruit trees, and they make a very attractive feature plant.

Buy Fruit Bushes, Fruit Canes and Fruit Vines OnlinePlant soft-fruit bushes
Many soft-fruit bushes come bare-rooted and are now ready for planting. Place them in a fruit cage or in amongst your garden borders. Redcurrants, blackcurrants, gooseberries and blackberries all produce plenty of fruit.

Buy Strawberry Plants OnlinePlant strawberry runners
November is an excellent month for planting strawberry runners ready for a crop next year. Suppliers are sending them out from this month onwards. Plant either in pots or in a strawberry bed.

Buy Raspberry Canes OnlinePlant raspberry canes
Raspberry canes need to be planted whilst they are dormant. Towards the end of this month is a good time to plant new raspberry canes. Autumn fruiting varieties will crop next year, and summer fruiting varieties the year after that.

Divide old rhubarb crowns
Lift old rhubarb crowns and divide into pieces using a sharp spade. Each piece should have some growth buds visible. Replant in soil that contains plenty of organic matter.



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