The Vegetable Patch in May

The Fruit Garden in May
Other Gardening Jobs in May

Sow vegetable seed outdoors
The warmer weather has raised the soil temperature meaning that seed will germinate quickly. Sow after the risk of frosts. Sow carrots, lettuce, peas, beetroot, french beans, runner beans, radish, spinach, turnips.

Sow frost sensitive crops under glass
Courgettes, pumpkin, cucumber and sweetcorn are best sown under glass. They require very warm temperatures to germinate. Do not plant too early, as they are fast growing and cannot be planted out until all frosts have gone.

Plant greenhouse crops
Plant tomatoes, peppers, chillies, and capsicum in the greenhouse borders, or in pots or grow bags in the greenhouse.

Harden off plants outdoors
Plants grown indoors or in the greenhouse will benefit from being hardened off outside for a week or so before planting. Place in a warm sunny sheltered spot during the day, bringing back inside late afternoon.

Earth up potatoes
Once shoots have reached 23cm (9in) tall, earth up to prevent greening of potatoes.

Put up supports for beans and peas
Build supports for runner and climbing french beans. These can be wigwams or double rows of bamboo canes tied together at the top. Provide peasticks for peas.

Plant herbs in containers
Herbs grow very well in containers. Put them on your patio where they are easy to get to from your kitchen. Sow basil and coriander once all frosts have passed. Thyme, rosemary, parsley, chive, mint, sage, oregano are all hardy.

Remove blackfly from broad beans
Look out for blackfly around the tops of the broad beans. Pinch out the tops if this is a problem.



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