Other Gardening Jobs in July

The Vegetable Patch in July
The Fruit Garden in July

Greenhouse Automatic Window OpenersVentilate the greenhouse
Greenhouses can get incredibly hot on sunny days. Make sure you open the door and any vents you have to allow cooler air to circulate.

Provide water for the birds
Keep your bird bath topped up for the birds. It’s thirsty work raising chicks. If you don’t have a bird bath, just put some water in a large plant pot tray and place in the garden. The birds will find it.

Turn the compost in your compost bin
Regular turning of your compost keeps it well mixed and helps to aerate the pile.

Make Blackcurrant CordialGet inventive with your cooking
Chances are you will be inundated with certain fruits and vegetables. Find new recipes to try, and make lots of pickles, chutneys, jams, preserves and cordials that you can enjoy during the winter months.

Create a mini pond
A great project for kids. Use a medium sized plastic box or a dustbin lid and sink it slightly into the soil. Add a few rocks for frogs and toads to use to climb in and out, pile the soil up to the side and sprinkle with whatever seed you like. Buy a couple of water plants and sink them in the water. Watch regularly for any visiting wildlife.

Spend some lazy hours in your garden
After all your hard work, enjoy the sunshine and laze in your garden.



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