Gardening Jobs – January

January does not normally have the kind of weather that often tempts you out into the garden. Look out for the few bright sunny days and make the most of them. The soil is probably getting too waterlogged to be digging but it’s a good time to plant fruit trees, bushes and asparagus crowns. It’s a great month for sitting indoors with a hot drink and planning what you are going to grow this year and where. If you’ve ever ordered seeds before you’ve probably got a few seed catalogues you can look through. Grow your favourites but maybe try something new this year too. If you’ve got a greenhouse and want an early start then you can look at planting chilli and tomato seeds indoors towards the end of the month.

We’ve split the gardening jobs down into 3 different sections so that you can choose the ones most relevant to you.

The Vegetable Patch in January The Fruit Garden in January General Garden Jobs in January
The Vegetable Patch in January The Fruit Garden in January Other Gardening Jobs in January


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