The Fruit Garden in February

The Vegetable Patch in February
Other Gardening Jobs in February

Force rhubarb
Forcing rhubarb under forcing pots or an upturned buckets produces beautiful tender stalks. Just choose one or two crowns to force as it takes a couple of years for the rhubarb to recover.

Plant fruit trees, bushes and canes
You can still plant fruit trees, fruit bushes and raspberry canes if the soil is not too hard. Don’t leave it too much later as they should all be planted whilst the plants are still dormant.

Prune blackcurrant, blueberry and gooseberry bushes
These can all be pruned during the winter before new growth starts. Look at our pages on blackcurrants, blueberries for advice on pruning.

Cut down raspberry canes
If you haven’t done so already, cut all autumn fruiting raspberry canes to 3cm (1in) above soil level. Cut down all summer fruiting canes that fruited last year.

Check fruit cage netting
Go over all netting and mend any holes that have appeared.

Tidy your strawberry plants and beds
Get your strawberry bed ready for the coming season. Remove dead leaves and old runners and clear away any debris and slugs that are hiding.



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