Gardening Jobs – December

December can still be a lovely time to work in your garden. Choose a sunny day, wrap up warm and give your garden a thorough inspection. If you set about digging you’ll soon have a hungry blackbird or robin at your feet. If the ground isn’t too hard, there are still a few things that can be planted. Fruit trees and fruit bushes are best planted whilst they are dormant during the winter months. There are still plenty of winter veg that can be harvested, such as parsnip, scorzonera, spinach, celeriac, leek and brassicas. Some, like parsnip, benefit from a good frost to make them really tasty. If you planted new potatoes in September then December is the time to start lifting them, making sure you save some for Christmas Day.

We’ve split the gardening jobs down into 3 different sections so that you can choose the ones most relevant to you.

The Vegetable Patch in December The Fruit Garden in December General Garden Jobs in December
The Vegetable Patch in December The Fruit Garden in December Other Gardening Jobs in December


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