Other Gardening Jobs in December

The Vegetable Patch in December
The Fruit Garden in December

Browse the seed catalogues and plan your planting
December is a great time to browse the seed catalogues and plan your growing for next year. Buy your seeds now so that you’re ready to get planting early next year. Some seeds like tomatoes, chillies, capsicum, aubergine and broad beans can be started as early as January.

Make decorations out of holly
Look out for holly with bright red berries. It makes great Christmas decorations.

Buy Wild Bird FoodFeed the birds
Garden birds will be finding it more and more difficult to find food. Put out nuts and seeds to help them. Remember to break the ice on birds baths so that they have access to fresh water.

Bring your Christmas Tree inside
If your Christmas tree has spent the year in the garden, then dig it up in plenty of time for Christmas. You don’t want to be digging into frozen ground when you’ve decided it’s time to bring it indoors.

Choose a potted Christmas Tree
If you haven’t thought of doing so previously, buy a potted Christmas tree. After Christmas you can either dig it into an free space in your garden or keep it in it’s pot ready for next year.



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