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Enter your local vegetable show
If you’ve got some nice veg, why not enter it into a class at your local vegetable show? It’s a good chance to meet other gardeners, and you might even get placed! If you don’t fancy entering, just pop along and have a look. There’s usually a tea and cake stand and you might become inspired to enter next year!

Visit some other gardens near you
Many people open their gardens to the public during August. Look out for National Trust Gardens, or National Garden Scheme gardens open near you. They’re beautiful relaxing places to visit, often sell tea and cakes, and are a great place to pick up new ideas for next year.

Greenhouse Automatic Window OpenersVentilate and shade your greenhouse
Sunny days can make the greenhouse very hot indeed. Make sure you open all the vents and doors on your greenhouse. If it’s still too warm and your plants are wilting then cool your greenhouse with either greenhouse shade netting or weather sensitive shading that you paint on to the glass.

Keep your bird bath topped up
Birds that visit your garden use the water in bird baths for both drinking and bathing. Keep the water levels topped up, particularly if the weather is dry.

Try new recipes or freeze surplus fruit and vegetables
There are lots and lots of recipes on the internet for all kinds of vegetables. If you have a surplus, try some new ones out. You can also freeze and extra fruit and veg you have.

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