The Fruit Garden in August

The Vegetable Patch in August
Other Gardening Jobs in August

Grow Your Own RaspberriesCut summer fruiting raspberry canes
Once your summer fruiting raspberries have finished cropping, cut the canes that have fruited down to soil level.

Tie in autumn fruiting raspberries
As your autumn fruiting raspberry canes grow, tie them to any supports and wires to stop them rocking about in the wind.

Plant new strawberry plants
To get the best strawberry crop, you need to replace your strawberry plants every 3 to 4 years. Now is the time to plant new strawberry plants ready for next year.

Take runners from your own strawberry plants
If your strawberry plants are disease free then propagate your own strawberries from the runners that your plants will be throwing out.

Tidy your strawberry bed
Once your strawberries have finished fruiting, remove any straw, old leaves and runners that you don’t want.

Water blueberries and cranberries
Keep watering your blueberries and cranberries regularly with rainwater, especially if they are grown in pots. They are thirsty plants.

Support melons
Leave just four fruit on your melon plants, and support the swelling melons with old tights or netting.

Prune stone fruit trees
Immediately after harvest, prune your plum, damson, apricot, nectarine and peach trees. Also, prune your cherry trees if you have not already done so.

Thin grapes
Thin out grapes, removing about a quarter of grapes per bunch. This allows the ones that are left to grow larger and ripen better.

Hang wasp traps
Wasps can be a problem around apples, plums and grapes. Hang wasp traps nearby or on the branches.



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