What is GardenFresco?

GardenFresco is a website that has been designed to make your gardening easier and more fun! We have three main areas to the site as follows…


1. A useful Homepage!

GardenFresco’s homepage lets you navigate quickly to the information you need.


2. How to Grow Vegetables and Fruit and Herbs

Planting potatoes (growing potatoes from potatoes)

The GardenFresco team has created some easy to follow guides that show you how to plant, grow and maintain fruit trees, fruit bushes and to grow vegetable and herb plants from seed.  We’ve got clear pictures and easy to follow instructions for beginner’s and some great tips for those who have been fruit and vegetable gardening for a little longer.  We personally garden, and so you can be sure that the advice is practical!

Have a lovely day in the garden!
The GardenFresco Team

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