Growing Tomatoes Outdoors

Growing tomato plants outdoorsTomatoes are the most popular vegetable grown. Even those who are not green-fingered often have a grow bag with tomatoes sitting somewhere in the sun. There is something wonderful about watching those tiny green dots grow into beautiful shining red tomatoes. Eating warm tomatoes straight from the plant – unbeatable!  You can also grow tomatoes in a greenhouse.



How to Grow Tomatoes Outdoors – QUICKSTART GUIDE
  • Vegetable Growing Calendar - Tomatoes OutdoorsSow in 8cm (3in) pots indoors February to April
  • Plant outside after the risk of frost has passed (about May)
  • Plant in pots, grow bags, or directly into the soil
  • Choose a sunny, sheltered spot
  • Support vine tomatoes with a cane
  • Water regularly (especially if using grow bags)
  • Remove sideshoots and any leaves below the first truss
  • Pick when they are ripe and fully colouredPlanting tomato seeds


Tomato Varieties

Outdoor Tomato SeedsBush varieties are very good for growing outside. They form shorter compact plants which crop very early.
Sungold – the BEST cherry tomatoes ever. You won’t be disappointed! We grow these every year, indoors and outdoors.
Tigerella – tangy flavour, early cropping, beautiful stripes, grows well outside
Fantasio – good flavoured tomato, ideal for outside growing as good blight tolerance
Tumbling Tom Collection – cherry bush tomato, excellent for containers, sweet flavour, no training required
Shirleys’ Discovery – bush tomato, ideal for containers, excellent flavour, can be grown year round if conditions right
Latah – very early, great flavoured bush tomato. They can be grown indoors or outdoors. We’ve found the habit of the plant to be better outdoors (and possibly the flavour too)

Growing Tomatoes Outdoors

1. Growing Tomatoes Outdoors – QUICKSTART GUIDE to growing outdoor tomatoes
2. Planting Tomatoes Outdoors – Help on planting and caring for outdoor tomatoes
3. Harvesting and Ripening Tomatoes – How to pick and ripen tomatoes
4. Preserving and Freezing Tomatoes – How to preserve and freeze your tomatoes
5. Tomato Growing Tips – Some tips to help you get the most out of your outdoor tomatoes
6. Tomato Diseases, Problems and Pests – Help if things go wrong with your outdoor tomato plants
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