Growing Tomatoes in a Greenhouse

Growing tomato plants in a greenhouseTomatoes are best eaten warm, straight from the plant.  Cherry tomatoes, in particular, are perfect snacking size.  Tomatoes like plenty of warmth and light and will therefore produce the most fruit when grown in the greenhouse. They can be grown in pots, in grow bags or directly into the soil.  You can also grow tomatoes outdoors.


How to Grow Tomatoes in a Greenhouse – QUICKSTART GUIDE
  • Vegetable Growing Calendar - Greenhouse TomatoesSow in 8cm (3in) pots indoors from late January to March
  • Plant in the greenhouse, either in pots, grow bags or direct into the soil, from April
  • Support vine tomatoes with a cane
  • Water regularly (especially if using grow bags)
  • Remove sideshoots and any leaves below the first truss
  • Planting tomato seeds and seedlingsPick when they are ripe and fully coloured

Tomato Varieties

Tomato SeedsSungold– the BEST cherry tomatoes ever. You won’t be disappointed! We grow these every year. The best garden snack too!
Gardener’s Delight – sweet flavoured cherry tomato, heavy cropping
Latah – very early, great flavoured bush tomato
Alicante – excellent flavour, medium size fruit, early and heavy cropping, RHS Award of Garden Merit

Growing Tomatoes in a Greenhouse

1. Growing Tomatoes in a Greenhouse – QUICKSTART GUIDE to growing tomatoes in a greenhouse
2. Planting Greenhouse Tomatoes – Help on planting and caring for greenhouse tomatoes
3. Harvesting and Ripening Tomatoes – How to pick and ripen tomatoes
4. Preserving and Freezing Tomatoes – How to preserve and freeze your tomatoes
5. Tomato Growing Tips – Some tips to help you grow wonderful tomatoes
6. Tomato Diseases, Problems and Pests – If things go wrong with your tomatoes, help is at hand
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