Growing Sweetcorn

Growing SweetcornA lot of beginner gardeners are surprised to hear that you can grow sweetcorn in the UK. Provided you use seed suitable for UK growing, it grows very well indeed and produces beautifully fresh sweet cobs! Sweetcorn is another one of those vegetables that tastes so much better straight from your garden. Like peas, the sugar starts being converted to starch as soon as it is picked, so pick your sweetcorn just before you are ready to cook it (get that pot boiling before you venture out into the garden!).  Sweetcorn is easy to grow, but does require space, needing at least 12 plants planted in a block to produce cobs successfully. Sweetcorn is one of our regular crops that we can’t imagine not growing. Definitely one to give a go!

How to Grow Sweetcorn – QUICKSTART GUIDE
  • Vegetable Growing Calendar - SweetcornSow indoors in 8cm (3in) pots March to May
  • Plant out or sow outdoors late May and June
  • Plant in a block formation, 40cm (16in) between seeds, 40cm (16in) between rows
  • Ready to harvest August to September
  • When the tassels turn brown, test for ripeness.  The cob is ripe when the juice from the kernels is milkyPlanting sweetcorn seeds
  • Harvest cobs by pulling them quickly downwards whilst supporting the rest of the plant


Sweetcorn Varieties

Sweetcorn Seeds (Kernels)Conqueror – supersweet, late season, average 3 cobs per plant
Sundance – normal sweetness, early season, suitable for cool areas, RHS Award of Garden Merit
Swift – supersweet, early season, dwarf plant, eat raw or cooked
Lark – supersweet, mid season, soft texture, good germination rate
Minipop – baby sweetcorn variety, pick when the silk tassels just begin to show

Growing Sweetcorn

1. Growing Sweetcorn – QUICKSTART GUIDE to growing sweetcorn
2. Planting Sweetcorn – How and when to plant sweetcorn
3. Harvesting Sweetcorn – When and how to harvest sweetcorn
4. Freezing Sweetcorn – How to freeze sweetcorn
5. Sweetcorn Growing Tips – Some tips to help you grow sweetcorn
6. Sweetcorn Problems, Pests and Diseases – Help is at hand if your sweetcorn start to misbehave
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