Growing Salsify and Scorzonera

Growing ScorzoneraSalsify and Scorzonera are long thin creamy white root vegetables, and both are the province of home-gardeners. You will never find them in the supermarkets and are even unlikely to find them in a veg box scheme. And yet their flavour is unbeatable, and they are often called the “oyster vegetable”. They are also very easy to grow, and come at a time when other garden veg is sparse. However, they can be tricky to harvest without the roots breaking, and I guess this is why farmers avoid them. Scorzonera and Salsify are so similar in terms of flavour and growing that they are often listed together. Scorzonera has dark-skinned, narrow roots that bleed when cut, whereas salsify has white-skinned roots, slightly thicker roots. They are both very popular in France and Spain.


How to Grow Salsify and Scorzonera – QUICKSTART GUIDE
  • When to Plant Salsify and ScorzoneraSow direct to soil in April and May
  • Sow in rows 15cm (6in) between seeds, and 15cm (6in) between rows
  • Use fresh seed each year
  • Ready to harvest between October and November
  • How to Grow Salsify and ScorzoneraLift the roots carefully as they are very long and snap easily


Salsify and Scorzonera Varieties

Salsify and Scorzonera SeedsSalsify Sandwich Island – excellent flavour, long white roots, keeps well in the ground
Salsify Mammoth – slender white roots, excellent flavour, lift as required
Scorzonera Maxima – also called Black Salsify, long black skinned roots, harvest in autumn or leave in ground
Scorzonera Russian Giant – very reliable, black-skinned roots, excellent delicate flavour

Growing Salsify and Scorzonera

1. Growing Salsify and Scorzonera – QUICKSTART GUIDE to growing salsify and scorzonera
2. Planting Salsify and Scorzonera – How and when to plant salsify and scorzonera
3. Harvesting and Cooking Salsify and Scorzonera – Harvesting and cooking salsify and scorzonera
4. Salsify and Scorzonera Growing Tips – Some tips to help you grow salsify and scorzonera
5. Salsify and Scorzonera Problems, Pests and Diseases – Help is at hand if you have problems with your salsify and scorzonera

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