Growing Peas

Growing Peas from SeedFresh peas straight from the pod are a revelation.  They are sweet, tasty and tender and are very different from those you will buy in the supermarket.  As soon as you pick them the sugar starts turning to starch, so the quicker you eat them the sweeter they will be.  Even if you’ve only got a small patch, it’s well worth making some space for a few pea plants.  They are easy to grow, and shelling peas on a summer’s day with a few helpers and a jug of ice cold Pimm’s and lemonade is unbeatable.


  • Vegetable Growing Calendar - PeasSow directly into the soil from March to June
  • Sow peas in wide drills, in a zig zag pattern with the seeds 5cm (2in) apart
  • Protect young seedlings from birds
  • Provide support using sticks and twigs
  • Ready for picking 3 to 4 months after sowing
  • Planting pea seedsPick regularly before the pods get too big


Best Pea Seeds

Pea SeedsHurst Green Shaft– second early variety, very high yields, long pods containing 9 to 11 peas, RHS Award of Garden Merit
Kelvedon Wonder – good flavour, suitable for June to July sowings, high yields, 7 to 8 peas per pod, RHS Award of Garden Merit
Avola – early variety, excellent flavour, 7 to 8 peas per pod
Lincoln – maincrop, long cropping season, 8 to 9 peas per pod, sweet flavour
Boogie – sweet tender peas, 7 to 9 peas per pod, suitable for late sowings, self-supporting if grown in block


Growing Peas – STEP by STEP GUIDE

One of the pleasures of vegetable gardening is being able to taste produce far fresher than is possible by visiting the shops and in many cases, tasting things that simply aren’t available in the shops.  Tiny peas, fresh from the pod as a snack, is a treat, exclusive to vegetable gardeners, so if you grow your own peas, make sure you don’t miss out on this absolute delight.   Pick the pods very young, when the peas are too small to cook and the flavour is amazing and makes for a wonderfully fresh snack.
Growing Peas



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4. Pea Growing Tips – Some tips to help you grow mouth poppingly good peas
5. Pea Pests, Diseases and Problems – Help is at hand for any pesky pea problems you may have
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