Growing Mangetout

Growing MangetoutGrowing your own mangetout is fun and easy! We grow mangetout every year and few of them ever reach the kitchen! They are delicious, eaten raw from the plant, as a gardener’s snack. Kids seem to love them the point that we’ve caught our 5 year old son eating mangetout in the garden at 6:30 in the morning! To grow mangetout, you follow the exact same method as for growing peas, so rather than duplicate the content, we’ll just point you over to the peas section. Just one note, pick the mangetout well before they start to swell. For the best flavour and texture, they should ideally be picked when they are still small (5-6cm long). Like many vegetables, the more you pick them, the more they come, so enjoy them small, sweet and crunchy!

So, if you’ve not headed over there already, check out the How to Grow Peas section.

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