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A few garlic growing and usage tips to give you a head start!

  • Try at least one bulb of your garlic crop as green garlic in early summer
  • The finer you chop garlic in cooking, the stronger its flavour. Crushing gives a particularly strong flavour
  • When you cut of the emerging flower stalks, pop them into your salad
  • Add whole cloves to your tray of roast potatoes for an added treat. Just pop them in half way through as they tend to cook before the potatoes do
  • Use horticultural fleece on newly emerging garlic to prevent birds from pulling them up

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1. Tramadol Mims Online – QUICKSTART GUIDE
2. Buy Cheap Tramadol – Help on planting garlic cloves
3. Tramadol Online Texas – How and when to harvest garlic and then how to store it
4. Garlic Growing Tips – Some tips to help you grow fabulous garlic
5. Order Tramadol Paypal – If things go wrong with your garlic, help is at hand
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