French Bean Pests, Problems and Diseases

Slugs and snails have little regard for your efforts and will ravage young bean seedlings. They have an annoying habit of eating the growing tip, leaving the plant unable to grow further. Planting the beans out when they are small but established plants helps but you need to be on guard. Try to keep on top of the slugs and snails using trays of beer, and evening patrols with a pair of secateurs (by far the kindest way of dispatching them and better for the whole food chain).

The other pest that can affect french beans is aphids. Blackfly seem to rather like french beans. With small populations, you can just rub them away by hand (it’s not that yucky after a few times of doing it). If they’ve managed to multiply unnoticed, then create a very dilute mixture of soapy water (we use Ecover washing up liquid) and with a spray bottle, spray them (they’re normally under the leaves and on the stems). It’s important to note that the mixture must be dilute or you will burn the leaves of the plant. You’ll find that even very mild soapy water is surprisingly effective. They won’t dissappear and will remain on the plants but after a day or so, you’ll notice that they have stopped moving because well…they’re dead. Alternatively, use horticultural soap.

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