Growing Cucumbers Outdoors

Growing Cucumbers Outdoors UKCucumbers can be grown outdoors very successfully.  They are climbing plants and can either be provided with support, or left to trail on the ground.  Home grown outdoor cucumbers are usually shorter than those grown in a greenhouse but they are still crisp, firm and full of flavour.  They are very different to shop-bought cucumbers, and are definitely worth growing for their improved texture and flavour.  If you don’t like cucumbers, try growing your own – you won’t be disappointed!  Outdoor cucumbers will produce about 10-15 cucumbers per plant.  You can also grow cucumbers in a greenhouse.


How to Grow Cucumbers Outdoors – QUICKSTART GUIDE
  • Vegetable Calendar - Cucumbers OutdoorsSow indoors in 8cm (3in) pots late April to May
  • Plant out after the risk of frost has passed (late May to early June)
  • Plant about 45cm (18in) apart
  • Provide support or allow to trail on the ground, and water regularly
  • Planting cucumber seeds for growing cucumbers outdoorsReady for picking about 3 to 4 months after sowing, and until the first frosts
  • Cut when quite small, about 15 to 20 cm (6 – 8in) long, and before they start to turn yellow


Outdoor Cucumber Varieties

Cucumber SeedsMarketmore – good yields of dark green fruit, excellent outdoor cucumber,  performs well in good and poor seasons
Burpless Tasty – very easy to grow, long crisp fruit about 23cm (9in), resistant to mildew
Masterpiece – early reliable outdoor cucumber, heavy crops, long 20cm (8in) fruits
Vega – mini cucumbers about 10 cm (4in) long, crisp bitter free fruits, good flavour, mildew resistant
Wautoma – high yields, easy to set, lightly striped green fruit, excellent disease resistance. We’ve had very good success wit this cucumber both indoors and outdoors.

Growing Outdoor Cucumbers

1. Growing Outdoor Cucumbers – QUICKSTART GUIDE
2. Planting Outdoor Cucumbers – How and when to plant cucumbers outdoors
3. Harvesting and Preserving Cucumbers – How and when to harvest and preserve cucumbers
4. Cucumber Growing Tips – Some tips to help you grow outdoor cucumbers
5. Cucumber Pests, Problems and Diseases – Help is at hand for troublesome outdoor cucumbers
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