Planting Cucumbers in a Greenhouse

growing cucumbers from seed in a greenhouseGrowing cucumbers in a greenhouse starts off with sowing the seeds, 2cm (¾in) deep, in 8cm (3in) pots around April or May time. Keep the pots indoors (or in a heated greenhouse) until all risk of frost has passed (ie. the very low temperatures are over). Starting them off in pots and planting out when they are small plants, helps to protect them from slug and snail damage. When you plant them out, make sure you water them in well.

Cucumber Plant Care – Greenhouse

Cucumbers grown in a greenhouse need one thing above all else, regular watering! You’ll need to water them daily to keep up with their intake. Their leaves are large and plentyful, resulting in their high water requirement. There is a balance though. Try not to over-water them, regular rather than sporadic but heavy watering is the key.

You’ll need to provide support for your greenhouse cucmbers, so erect a trellis type system, preferably one that keeps the leaves away from the windows of the greenhouse. Greenhouse cucumbers can be planted either in growbags, pots or direct into the greenhouse soil. Train the leading stem up to the top of your support and then pinch out the growing tip to encourage branching below.

Check the variety of your cucumbers. A lof of modern cucumber varieties are ‘All Female’ varieties, which do not require pollinating (in fact don’t want pollinating). If this is the case, then remove any rogue male flowers (the flowers that do not have a mini cucumber behind them) that grow, as pollination can lead to bitter cucumbers.


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