Planting Courgette

The best way to get courgette seeds going is by planting them singly, 1cm deep, in 8cm (3in) pots indoors (or in the greenhouse) around late April or early May. You’re aiming to plant them outside, after all risk of frost has passed, and when the plants are still small, but past the seedling stage. By planting the courgettes out when they are small plants as opposed to seedlings, you reduce the risk of them being munched to pieces by slugs and snails.

Courgette Plant Care

Courgettes fall into the ‘plant and forget’ category of vegetables (ignoring harvesting). They’ll require very little attention and with their broad leaves even suppress weeds for you. Just keep them watered in dry spells and that’s about it!

1. Growing Courgettes – QUICKSTART GUIDE to growing courgettes
2. Planting Courgettes – How and when to plant courgette seeds and plants
3. Harvesting Courgettes – How and when to harvest courgettes
4. Freezing Courgettes – How to freeze courgettes
5. Courgette Growing Tips – Some tips to help you grow good courgettes
6. Courgette Problems, Diseases and Pests – If things go wrong with your courgettes, help is at hand
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