Harvesting Courgette

Harvesting CourgettesCourgette plants are very prolific producers if you pick regularly. For maximum production, you want to harvest your courgettes as soon as they get to about 10cm (4in) long. Keep the plants watered and a few of them will feed a whole family for many weeks (and you’ll wonder why they cost what they do in the shops!). As the plants get larger, they can start to produce courgettes from more than one growing point, so keep an eagle eye out for sneaky ones trying to grow into marrows. If you allow any to grow to marrows, it’ll reduce your overall crop.

One more little note, many courgettes have very fine spikes on them (shop ones are either spineless or old enough for the spines to have melted away). They don’t hurt but can feel unpleasantly funny when you pick them, so just be prepared for that. It’s for this reason we talk about ‘slaying courgette’ rather than picking them…but that’s just us 🙂

1. Growing Courgettes – QUICKSTART GUIDE to growing courgettes
2. Planting Courgettes – How and when to plant courgette seeds and plants
3. Harvesting Courgettes – How and when to harvest courgettes
4. Freezing Courgettes – How to freeze courgettes
5. Courgette Growing Tips – Some tips to help you grow good courgettes
6. Courgette Problems, Diseases and Pests – If things go wrong with your courgettes, help is at hand
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