Courgette Problems, Diseases and Pests

Courgette White on LeavesCourgette plants tend to be relatively trouble free. As very small plants they can be attacked by slugs and snails, but by planting them out as small plants and possibly scattering a few blue pellets (or better still, a tray of beer) you should be fine. Towards the end of summer it’s common for courgette plants to get powdery mildew, a white fungal growth that is visible on the tops of the leaves. Cut off any affected leaves. Regular, but not over-watering can help reduce this issue. They can be affected by aphids but this tends to only happen in very dry conditions where the plant is weakened. Regular watering is the key to this problem too.

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4. Freezing Courgettes – How to freeze courgettes
5. Courgette Growing Tips – Some tips to help you grow good courgettes
6. Courgette Problems, Diseases and Pests – If things go wrong with your courgettes, help is at hand
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