Growing Courgettes

Growing courgette plantsCourgette plants are very easy to grow and very productive.  Pick them when they are small and young for the best flavour, a crisp texture, and to keep them producing.  The flowers, not available in the shops, are delicious too. Forget about steaming them….fry them in olive oil for the ultimate courgette experience – delicious!

A fantastic vegetable plant for beginners as they are reliable, easy, low maintenance and produce a very generous crop.


How to Grow Courgettes – QUICKSTART GUIDE
  • Vegetable Growing Calendar - CourgetteSow indoors in pots April to May
  • Plant outdoors after the risk of frost (late May)
  • Plant 90cm (36in) apart
  • Ready for picking 3 months after sowing
  • Pick the courgettes when they are 10cm (4in) long
  • Harvest regularly to prolong cropping

Planting courgette seeds



Courgette Varieties

Courgette Seeds or Marrow SeedsDefender- heavy cropping, dark green fruits, compact growth suitable for small gardens, RHS Award of Garden Merit. We grow this variety most years – it’s superb!
Safari – striped green courgette, high yields, open habit
Soleil – early cropping, long season, yellow courgettes, high yields
El Greco – early cropping, excellent flavour, mid-green courgettes, RHS Award of Garden Merit
Midnight – ideal for containers, spineless, open habit, dark green fruits

Growing Courgettes

1. Growing Courgettes – QUICKSTART GUIDE to growing courgettes
2. Planting Courgettes – How and when to plant courgette seeds and plants
3. Harvesting Courgettes – How and when to harvest courgettes
4. Freezing Courgettes – How to freeze courgettes
5. Courgette Growing Tips – Some tips to help you grow good courgettes
6. Courgette Problems, Diseases and Pests – If things go wrong with your courgettes, help is at hand
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