Chilli Growing Tips

Chilli Growing TipsHere are a few chilli growing tips to help you get a head start.

  • Place seeds in the airing cupboard, near a warm radiator or on a sunny windowsill to aid germination
  • As germination can be difficult, plant more seeds than you think you will need to ensure you get the number of plants you want
  • Chillies store very well (either frozen or dried), so grow as many as you can, to keep you stocked throughout the winter
  • At the end of the season, take some of your strongest plants indoors to overwinter. Remove all fruit and prune to leave 15cm (6in) of the main stem. Repot into fresh compost and water sparingly. Come the spring your plants will already have a good root structure in place, and chilli plants will often produce more chillies in their second and subsequent years


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