Growing Chillies

Growing chillies has become very popular over the last few years and for very good reason. A whole world of different chillies, that are not available in the shops, suddenly presents itself to you when you decide to grow your own. There are many different varieties available, in all colours, shapes, sizes and with different levels of hotness! Chillies need warm temperatures and lots of light and should be grown in pots either in a greenhouse or on a sunny patio or windowsill. Chilli plants are perennials and can be overwintered indoors.


How to Grow Chillies – QUICKSTART GUIDE
  • Chart showing when to plant chilli peppersSow indoors in 8cm (3in) pots January to March
  • Transplant into larger pots in the greenhouse from April
  • Provide plenty of warmth and light
  • Do not pinch out the growing tip as this delays cropping
  • Harvest when green or when fully ripened
  • Planting chilli seedsCan be grown outdoors in a very sunny sheltered spot


Chilli Varieties

Chillie Seeds
Inferno – medium heat, early cropping, large green to red fruits, compact plant
Jalapeno Summer Heat – great for pizzas, green to red chillies, early ripening
Apache – compact, suitable for patio growing, medium heat, green turning to red chillies
Heatwave – mixture of very hot red, yellow and orange chillies, for greenhouses
Demon Red – dwarf plant, ideal for containers, green to red, RHS Award of Garden Merit

Growing Chillies

1. Growing Chillies – QUICKSTART GUIDE to growing chillies
2. Planting Chillies – How and when to plant chilli seeds
3. Harvesting and Preserving Chillies – How and when to harvest chillies and how to store them
4. Freezing Chillies – How to freeze chillies
5. Chilli Growing Tips – Some tips to help you grow fabulous chillies
6. Chilli Pests, Problems and Diseases – If things go wrong with your chillies, help is at hand
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