Growing Carrots

Carrots can be grown either as an early salad vegetable, where the roots will be small and sweet, or as a maincrop where the larger roots can be lifted and stored for the winter.  One of the pleasures of homegrown carrots is picking them when they are small and sweet.  A taste you simply don’t get from shop bought carrots.  Carrots are easy to grow, and come in short, intermediate or long rooted varieties.  Short rooted varieties are the best ones to grow if your soil is heavy or stony.


How to Grow Carrots – QUICKSTART GUIDE
  • Vegetable Calendar - CarrotsSow thinly outdoors April to June
  • Sow in rows, 15cm (6in) apart
  • Thin seedlings on a dry still evening to avoid attracting carrot fly
  • Lift the first roots when they are 1 to 2cm (½ to ¾in) thick
  • The roots will continue to grow.  Harvest as requiredPlanting carrot seeds - spacing


Carrot Varieties

Carrot SeedsAutumn King 2 – late maturing, good quality cylindrical roots, heavy cropper, good for storing, RHS Award of Garden Merit
Early Nantes 5 – excellent flavour, fast maturing, medium length roots
Purple Haze – rich purple skin, orange flesh, long heavy roots, excellent eaten raw
Royal Chantenay – small conical roots, almost coreless, excellent flavour, can be grown in containers
Créme de Lite – excellent sweet flavour, cream coloured skin and flesh

Growing Carrots

1. Growing Carrots – QUICKSTART GUIDE to growing carrots
2. Planting Carrots – How and when to plant carrot seeds
3. Harvesting and Storing Carrots – How and when to harvest carrots and how to store them
4. Freezing Carrots – How to freeze carrots and carrot cake
5. Carrot Growing Tips – Some tips to help you grow lovely carrots
6. Carrot Fly, Diseases, Pests and Problems – If things go wrong with your carrots, help is at hand
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