Growing Capsicum

Capsicum, or sweet peppers, are most productive when grown in a greenhouse, but they can be grown successfully outside in a sheltered sunny spot if the weather is good.  Home-grown peppers have a very good flavour, and a wonderful crunchy texture.  Like chilli peppers, they come in all shapes and colours.  If you’re new to growing vegetables, we’d not recommend these as your first crop as they are more difficult to grow than other vegetables.

How to Grow Capsicum – QUICKSTART GUIDE
  • Sow in 8cm (3in) pots indoors February to MarchVegetable Growing Calendar - Capsicum
  • Plant in the greenhouse April to May
  • Plant in large pots, grow bags or directly into the soil
  • Provide support
  • Do not pinch out the growing tip as this will slow cropping
  • Pick the first fruits when they are green, smooth and glossy
  • Leave later fruits to ripen to yellow, orange or redPlanting capsicum seeds, also called peppers
  • Can be grown outside if conditions are favourable


Capsicum Varieties

Capsicum SeedsRoberta – compact plant, ideal for patio containers, early maturing, thick juicy flesh
Gypsy – early season, sweet well flavoured fruit, will crop outdoors if weather good, RHS Award of Garden Merit
Orange Bell – thick walled fruit, very productive, sweet, ripens to orange
Gourmet – compact plant, heavy cropping, ripens to orange
Kaibi Round – thick crunchy flesh, medium sized round red fruits, very good flavour

Growing Capsicum

1. Growing Capsicum – QUICKSTART GUIDE
2. Planting Capsicum – How and when to plant capsicum (pepper) seeds
3. Harvesting and Preserving Capsicum – How and when to harvest capsicum and how to store them
4. Capsicum Growing Tips – Some tips to help you grow fabulous capsicum (peppers)
5. Capsicum Diseases, Pests and Problems – If things go wrong with your capsicum, help is at hand
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