Broad Bean Growing Tips

A few broad bean tips to help you grow and enjoy broad beans even more…

  • Sow a few extra seeds at the end of the rows which you can use to fill in any gaps later on.
  • Don’t forget to eat the broad bean tops. They are delicious steamed and then coated in a little butter and are a gardener’s once a year treat – you’ll never see them in the supermarket
  • To avoid blackfly, plant your crop as early as you can. Hopefully you will be nipping out the tops before the blackfly have arrived.
  • Once harvested, dig up the plants and rub all the small white root nodules off the roots. Dig these back into the soil as they contain lots of nitrogen which will help your next crop
  • Broad Bean plants can be grown as a ‘green manure’ so, if like us you’re a fan of the growing tips as a tastey treat, grow a few early in the year just for the tips and then dig them in as a green manure for the next crop – two birds one stone.




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