Growing Broad Beans

Broad Beans are the very first beans that you will be harvesting from your garden, often as early as June.  They are easy to grow and the plants are very hardy, meaning that you can plant them very early in the year.  They are delicious lightly boiled for about 4 minutes (fresh beans straight off the plant require very little cooking) and will taste so much better than any that you buy in the shops.


How to Grow Broad Beans – QUICKSTART GUIDE
  • Veg growing calendar - Broad BeansFor an early start, sow under cover in 8cm (3in) pots from January to March.  OR . . .
  • Sow outdoors in the soil March to April
  • Plant in double rows, 15cm (6in) between seeds, 20cm (8in) between rows
  • Plant double rows about 45cm (18in) apart
  • Support tall varieties
  • Planting broad bean seedsPinch out the top 7cm (3in) when the first beans start to form (don’t forget to eat the tops!)
  • Ready to harvest about 3 to 4 months after sowing


Broad Bean Varieties

Broad Bean SeedsAquadulce Claudia – very good for overwintering, early cropping
Express – fastest maturing variety, winter hardy
Jubilee Hysor – excellent yields, superb flavour
Medes – very productive, spring sowing
The Sutton – excellent dwarf variety, only 30cm (12 in) high making it useful for more windy locations

Planting Broad Beans

1. Growing Broad Beans – QUICKSTART GUIDE
2. Planting Broad Beans – Information on sowing and planting broad beans
3. Picking and Freezing Broad Beans – How to pick and store broad beans
4. Broad Bean Tips – Helpful growing and harvesting tips to help you along your way
5. Broad Bean Pests, Problems and Diseases – Helpful advice when things go wrong in the veg patch

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