Freezing Beetroot

Beetroot are one of the few vegetables that are best cooked before they are frozen. Choose very healthy small and medium sized beetroot. Don’t wait until the end of the season when they are large woody and the leaves have wilted. Pick only the best for freezing.

Twist or cut the leaves off, but leave a short stalks so that the beetroot do not “bleed” during cooking. Wash the beetroot and cook in boiling water for until tender. How long this takes will depend on the size of your beetroot, anywhere between 10 and 30 minutes. Once tender, rinse in cold water to cool a little and then peel off their skins. They should come off quite easily. Either leave the beets whole or slice them into large pieces. Pack into polythene bags or containers, remove as much air as you can (a straw is helpful here), label and freeze.

Beetroot will keep well in the freezer for 6 months. It is best thawed before using. Beetroot maintains it’s texture well and so can be used in salads as well as in other cooked dishes.


Beetroot cake

Using your beetroot in cakes, and then freezing these, is another great way of storing excess beetroot. Cakes freeze particularly well, and beetroot makes a lovely moist cake with a rich flavour and colour. Combined with chocolate it is utterly delicious. A great chocolate and beetroot brownie recipe that we use often can be found in the River Cottage Everyday Cookbook. There’s also a great carrot cake recipe that freezes well, and which uses plenty of carrots.

If you are making a large cake then wrap in clingfilm (freezer-proof) or foil and place in a polythene bag. We like to cut our cake into slices before freezing, and wrap each slice individually. If you take them out first thing in the morning they are defrosted by morning coffee time! They are also great for packed lunches and picnics. Small cakes and muffins should also be wrapped individually. They will defrost in about 2 hours.


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