Growing Beetroot

Growing BeetrootGrowing beetroot has become more popular recently, in part, due to finding it’s way into so many recipes.  It has a rich earthy flavour and vibrant colour and is delicious either in salads, or as a cooked vegetable (delicious roasted!).  It is very easy to grow, requires little attention, and the season is long. As if that were not enough, the leaves are edible too (they’re just like swiss chard) making it an all round superstar!


How to Grow Beetroot – QUICKSTART GUIDE
  • Sow outdoors from April to JuneVegetable Growing Calendar - Beetroot
  • Sow seeds 5cm (2in) apart, in single rows 25cm (10in) apart
  • Thin seedlings to 10cm (4in) apart
  • Start harvesting when the roots are about 5cm (2in) in diameter
  • Planting beetroot seedsPick as needed, leaving rest of the roots in the ground to get larger


Beetroot Varieties

Beetroot SeedsBolthardy – good flavour, smooth skinned round roots, good bolt resistance, good for early sowing, RHS Award of Garden Merit
Detroit 6 Rubidus – bolt resistant, early cropping, smooth round firm roots
Chioggia Pink – beautiful red and white rings inside, round roots, sweet and tender
Cylindra – dark crimson cylindrical roots, late season, bolt resistant, excellent for storage
Burpee’s Golden – good flavoured round roots, tops can be eaten like spinach, yellow coloured roots

Growing Beetroot

1. Growing Beetroot – QUICKSTART GUIDE to growing beetroot
2. Planting Beetroot – How and when to plant beetroot seeds
3. Harvesting and Storing Beetroot – How and when to harvest beetroot and how to store them
4. Freezing Beetroot – How to freeze beetroot and beetroot cake
5. Beetroot Growing Tips – Some tips to help you grow lovely beetroot
6. Beetroot Pests, Diseases and Problems – If things go wrong with your beetroot, help is at hand
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