Growing Vegetables

Growing VegetablesSelect a vegetable on the left to get started.

Growing vegetables from seed is fun with the help of GardenFresco’s “How to Grow” guides.  Each vegetable has a QuickStart guide to give an overview and then clear Step-by-Step help on:

  • planting seeds
  • growing the plant
  • storing, freezing and preserving your produce
  • the most common pests, diseases and problems

We’ve also got some useful tips that we’ve picked up from our own experiences.  So whether you’re a beginner or an experienced gardener, GardenFresco will hopefully be a useful source of information for you.

Calendars show you WHEN to plant seeds…

Vegetable Growing Calendar - CourgetteEach vegetable has a Growing Calendar so you can see, from a glance, when to sow and when you can expect to harvest (yum).




We show you HOW to grow vegetables

Planting parsnip seedsClear pictures showing you how to plant vegetable seeds including spacing and planting depths.  We have a QuickStart guide as well as clear Step-by-Step help on each vegetable.





And which the BEST vegetable varieties are

Runner Bean Seeds

The best varieties are listed along with suppliers. We’ve grown vegetables for many years and there are definitely some varieties that stand out, so we’ve made sure they’re in the list!

How to FREEZE and PRESERVE your vegetable glut for later

When you grow your own vegetables you are likely to end up with more than you can eat. We show you different ways of storing, freezing and preserving your vegetables so that you can enjoy them throughout the year.

The most likely PESTS, DISEASES and problems you’ll see

We take a look at the most common pests, diseases and problems affecting each vegetable and show you how to deal with them and the best way of avoiding them in future.

And some TOP TIPS!

Every vegetable in our How-to-Grow guides comes with a list of helpful tips. It’s amazing how a few gardening tips and tricks can really make a big difference. If you’re new to growing vegetables, then these will save you some of the disappointments we went through when we first started growing our own vegetables. If you’re a seasoned pro…there might still be a tip or two that you’ve not come across!

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