Growing Thyme

Grow Herbs - ThymeThyme is one of those herbs that is frequently used in cooking, and so is a useful herb to grow in your garden. It can be successfully grown from seed, or bought as small plants from the garden centre. They are attractive perennial plants and can be grown directly in the soil or in containers. Bees and hoverflies love the flowers, and growing thyme is a good way of encouraging beneficial insects into your garden. There are literally hundreds of different varieties of thyme but the ones most commonly used in the kitchen are Common Thyme, Lemon Thyme and Golden Tyme. Thyme is very easy to grow.

How to Grow Thyme – QUICKSTART GUIDE
  • When to Plant ThymeSow thinly in pots or trays from February to May
  • Or sow thinly outside May to June
  • Plant about 30cm (12in) apart
  • Plant in a sunny position in well-draining soil
  • How to Grow ThymeHarvest sprigs as required


Thyme Seeds

There are many different varieties of thyme. Grow a selection and see which you like best. Here are just a few that work well in the kitchen.

Common Thyme – most commonly used, thin green aromatic leaves, excellent flavour, will grow almost anywhere
Golden Thyme – green leaves turn gold in summer, very good flavour, good for vegetarian dishes
Lemon Thyme – large green leaves with lemon scent, excellent flavour, good for chicken and fish dishes
Orange Scented thyme – refreshing orange scent, traditional flavour of common thyme

Growing Thyme



1. Growing Thyme – QUICKSTART GUIDE to growing thyme
2. Planting Thyme – How and when to plant thyme
3. Harvesting and Freezing Thyme – How to freeze and preserve thyme
4. Thyme Growing Tips – Some tips to help you grow thyme
5. Thyme Problems, Pests and Diseases – Help is at hand if your thyme causes problems

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