Growing Parsley

Growing ParsleyParsley is a wonderful herb that is frequently used in the kitchen.  Sow a lot because you can never have too much!  Parsley is a biennial herb which flowers in it’s second year.  It is usually grown as an annual but is generally hardy and so will overwinter.  We often keep our plants over winter, so that we have fresh parsley early the following year before the plant flowers.  Like many of the culinary herbs, parsley grows very well in pots and containers, and will even do well on a light windowsill.


How to Grow Parsley – QUICKSTART GUIDE
  • When to Plant ParsleySow under cover in 8cm (3in) pots from March onwards for planting outside
  • Or sow directly into the soil from May onwards
  • Or sow in 30cm (12in) pots if container growing
  • Transplant when the plants are about 10-15cm (4-6in) high, and the weather has warmed
  • How to Grow ParsleyPlant about 20cm (8in) apart
  • Plant in partial shade or full sun
  • Keep well watered
  • Cut low down on the stem using scissors when harvesting


Parsley Seeds

Parsley SeedsThere are two main types of parsley, curly-leaved and flat-leaved. Flat-leaved parsley has a slightly stronger flavour than the curly-leaved varieties, and is easier to wash!

Curly-leaved Parsley

Paravert – hardy, high yielding, dark green leaves, pick all year
Lisette – finer curled dark green leaves, resistant to bolting, vigorous growing
Envy – strong growing plants, dark green leaves, RHS Award of Garden Merit
Moss Curled 2 – vigorous, tall, mid-green leaves, RHS Award of Garden Merit

Flat-leaved Parsley

Laura – more intense flavour, hardy
Plain Leaved 2 – excellent flavour, vigorous leaf growing, recommended by National Institute of Agricultural Botany
Italian Giant – intense flavour, vigorous grower, pest and disease resistant

Something Different

Par-cel – flavour mix between parsley and celery, very hardy, excellent for cooking where you would use parsley and celery together

Growing Parsley
1. Growing Parsley – QUICKSTART GUIDE
2. Planting Parsley – How and when to plant parsley
3. Harvesting Parsley and Freezing Parsley – How to harvest and freeze parsley
4. Parsley Growing Tips – Some tips to help you grow parsley
5. Parsley Problems, Pests and Diseases – Help is at hand if you have particularly pesky parsley problems
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