Growing Coriander

Coriander is a wonderfully aromatic herb that has many uses in the kitchen. Both the leaves and seeds can be used. Coriander goes to seed very readily, so harvest the leaves whilst you can, and then when the plant flowers, leave the seeds to ripen, and harvest those as well. Coriander originally came from the Mediterranean and the Middle East so it does like plenty of sun in order to grow. The leaves of the coriander plant are also called cilantro.

How to Grow Coriander – QUICKSTART GUIDE
  • When to Plant CorianderSow directly into soil where it is to grow from early spring to late summer
  • Or sow in containers that are at least 15cm (6in) deep
  • Thin plants to 5cm (2in) apart for leaves or 23cm (9in) apart for seed
  • Do not transplant, as coriander will quickly go to seed
  • Keep moist but do not overwater
  • How to Grow CorianderPick the leaves regularly to encourage further growth


Coriander Varieties

Coriander SeedsCalypso – cut & come again, grown for leaf only, good bolt resistance, bred in Britain
Leisure – good for harvesting leaves, slow to bolt
Lemon Coriander – unusual lemon fragrance and flavour, long season, easy to grow
Coriander Confetti – cut & come again, tasty fern-like leaves, slow to bolt

Growing Coriander

1. Growing Coriander – QUICKSTART GUIDE
2. Growing Coriander from Seed – How to plant and care for coriander
3. Harvesting and Freezing Coriander – How and when to harvest coriander, including freezing coriander
4. Growing Coriander Tips – Some tips to help you grow the best coriander
5. Coriander Problems, Pests and Diseases – Some common problems when growing coriander
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