Growing Herbs

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Growing herbs from seed or from young plants is fun and easy with GardenFresco’s “How to Grow Herbs” guides. Each herb has a QuickStart guide to give an overview and then clear Step-by-Step help on planting seeds, growing the plant and finally harvesting the fresh herbs. We’ve also added some herb growing tips to give you a great start.  So, whether you’re growing herbs indoors or outside, in pots or in the ground, GardenFresco will hopefully prove to be a great resource for you!

We show you WHEN to plant herbs…

Vegetable Growing Calendar - CourgetteHandy herb growing calendars for each herb so you can see from a glance when to sow and when you can expect to harvest.




We show you HOW to grow herbs

Planting basil seeds - SpacingClear pictures showing you how to plant herb seeds or young plants including spacing and planting depths. We have a QuickStart guide as well as clear Step-by-Step help on each herb plant.



And some TOP TIPS!

We grow annual herbs like basil every year, as well as maintaining perennial herbs such as rosemary. Along the way, we’ve picked up and discovered a few useful herb related tips and have added them to each of the sections. Hopefully they’ll give you a head start.

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