Growing Strawberries in Hanging Baskets

Everyone can have delicious strawberries by growing them in hanging baskets.  You don’t need a large garden or allotment, just somewhere sunny to hang your baskets.  You don’t even have to be much of a gardener, planting a hanging basket will take no more than half an hour of your time, and you’ll have juicy strawberries during the summer.

Growing strawberries in hanging baskets is an excellent way of getting children involved in a garden project. They will have lots of fun potting up the plants, and will be well rewarded with ripe strawberries. Then, when you’ve decided it’s time you had some, you can hang the basket just a little bit higher! 😉

When growing strawberries in hanging baskets, the fruit hang down over the side of the basket which has two main advantages.  Firstly, air can circulate around the fruit, keeping them dry, which will prevent mould and mildew forming, especially during wet summers, and secondly slugs and snails can’t reach the fruit!

Hanging baskets do not hold much soil (strawberries don’t mind this as they are shallow rooted), but it is important to keep the basket well watered, and the plants will need feeding.  Once they have flowered, feed with a liquid tomato feed every couple of weeks.  You can also incorporate a slow release granular feed into the compost at potting time, which will provide the plants with nutrients.

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You will need

  • Hanging basket, at least 30cm (12in) wide
  • Compost
  • Slow release granular plant food (optional)
  • 4 to 6 strawberry plants (runners)


How to Plant Strawberries in a Hanging Basket

  • Ensure your hanging basket has drainage holes.   Strawberries like moist soil but they will not be happy if the soil is waterlogged
  • Mix some granular plant feed into the compost, if using
  • Fill your hanging basket with compost.
  • If planting runners, spread out the roots, and place so that the crowns are level with the top of the basket
  • If planting potted strawberries, make holes in the compost and plant so that the crowns are level with the top
  • If you want, cover the soil with stones to aid water retention
  • Water well
  • Hang in a sheltered area, out of direct sun for a couple of days, to allow the plants to establish
  • Move to a sunny position (ideally 6 hours of sunshine a day)


Looking after your Hanging Basket

  • Water regularly.  The soil should be moist but not soggy.  Avoid using a hosepipe as this will wet the fruit
  • Remove any runners to encourage growth of fruit
  • Feed every couple of weeks with liquid plant food suitable for tomatoes (high in potassium)
  • Once the fruit start to ripen, cover the basket with netting to protect from birds

Strawberries in hanging baskets can be overwintered by covering them with straw and leaving in a sheltered position.  Or they can be moved to a frost free shed, garage or greenhouse.  The strawberry plants will need to be replaced after two years.

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