Growing Redcurrants

Grow Your Own RedcurrantsRedcurrants are a deliciously tart fruit often found in summer puddings, pies, jams and jellies.  They can also be eaten fresh.  Redcurrant bushes are very productive and will remain so for about 15 years. They are not fussy about where they grow, although they will do best in full sun or partial shade.  They can be grown as bushes, single or multi-stemmed cordons, or fans, and make excellent decorative plants in the border.


How to Grow Redcurrants – QUICKSTART GUIDE
  • Fruit Planting Calendar - RedcurrantsPlant one year old bare-rooted redcurrants from November to March
  • Plant bushes 150cm (5ft) apart, in rows 150cm (5ft) apart
  • Plant cordons 45cm (18in) apart
  • Prune leading shoots to half their length after planting
  • Container grown plants can be planted at any time
  • Planting redcurrant bushesCordons and fans will require support
  • Prune in early spring
  • Protect the fruit from birds using netting
  • Harvest strigs from the bush rather than individual berries


Redcurrant Varieties

Jonkheer van Tets – early season, excellent flavour, juicy berries, heavy cropping
Redstart – late season, acidic flavour, very heavy yields, slow growing, excellent disease resistance
Rovada – late season, excellent flavour, large fruit, delicious eaten fresh
Red Lake – mid season, good flavoured juicy berries, large fruits, heavy yields
Junifer – early season, sweet flavour, heavy cropping, good disease resistance
Rondom – late season, good flavoured dry fruits, large fruit trusses, very high yields

Redcurrants are very easy to grow, and produce plenty of deliciously tart bright red berries in early summer.  Whitecurrants and pinkcurrants are very similar to redcurrants and should be treated the same way.  Although redcurrants are closely related to blackcurrants, their growth and training systems, and therefore their annual care, is more similar to gooseberries.


1. Growing Redcurrants – QUICKSTART GUIDE
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3. Redcurrant Plant Care – How to maintain healthy and productive redcurrant bushes
4. Picking and Freezing Redcurrants – How to pick, store and freeze your redcurrants
5. Redcurrant Tips – Some tips to help you get the most out of your redcurrants
6. Redcurrant Diseases, Pests and Problems – Help if things go wrong with your redcurrant bushes
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