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Raspberries will need protecting against birds. Grow in a fruit cage or cover the canes with netting as the fruit starts to ripen.

Another pest is the raspberry beetle. A small white maggot living in the fruit causes patches of the raspberry to dry up. If you want to control raspberry beetle, then spray when the first fruits turn pink, and again 2 weeks later. Spray with pyrethrum (a natural insecticide). Spray at dusk to avoid harming pollinating insects.

Rasberries are particularly prone to viruses. These are often transferred by sap-sucking insects, such as aphids, and so it is important to keep on top of any infestations. Leaves often develop yellow patterns, and there may also be down-curling of leaves, and stunted or distorted growth. Promptly remove any plants that are affected, and do not grow raspberries on the same site again. Always buy canes that are certified disease-free.

Fungal infections which can affect raspberries include cane blight (where bark peels away from canes and the stems die back), spur blight (where the buds of new canes develop purple patches) and cane spot (where purple spots appear on the canes). All of these can cause the individual canes to die. Remove any affected canes and avoid applying excessive amounts of high-nitrogen fertilizers. Thin out canes to avoid overcrowding and to allow air to circulate. Fungi thrive in still humid conditions.

Also, take a look at our page Buying Tramadol Online Reviews for some general advice.

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5. Order Tramadol Australia – Some tips to help you get the most out of your raspberry canes
6. Raspberry Diseases, Pests and Problems – Help if things go wrong with your raspberry canes
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