Raspberry Plant Care

The canes of summer fruiting raspberries that have fruited should be cut down to ground level once they have finished cropping. Canes that have fruited are brown at the base whereas the current year’s growth is green, so remove all brown canes with secateurs. Remove any suckers that grow between the rows. Thin new canes as they grow so that they are about 10cm (4in) apart on the support sytem.

Cut all autumn raspberry canes to ground level in midwinter. There is no need to thin new canes as they grow.

Mulch around the raspberries in March using organic matter, such as compost or well rotted manure. This helps to keep the soil moist during the summer and suppresses weeds.

Keep the soil moist as the new shoots push through the ground in early spring. Raspberries like moist soil, so water well if the weather is dry, and especially as the fruit start to ripen. Water the soil rather than the canes to avoid disease.



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