Grape Vine Growing Tips

Growing your own grapes doesn’t have to be difficult. If you want to run your own vineyard, then you will have to get very serious about every aspect of your grape vine. For the rest of us, just following a few basic principles can allow us to grow and harvest our very own bunches of large juicy grapes. Here are a few tips to help you on your way.

  • Place small stones around the base of the vine to suppress weeds and help maintain moisture
  • Water newly planted vines during dry periods. A bucket or two once a week is better than a little every day. You want to encourage deep roots not surface ones
  • Major pruning should take place in winter when the vine is dormant
  • Remove all flowers for the first two years to prevent overcropping
  • Don’t be greedy! To ensure large ripe grapes, allow only one bunch per fruiting spur (branch)
  • When the grapes start to ripen, remove any leaves that are shading the fruit so that the sun can reach them
  • The best way of checking for ripeness is to taste the grapes
  • Ventilate your greenhouse or conservatory on warm sunny days
  • Grapes need a cold spell in order to flower. Turn off any heating, and open the vents in your greenhouse during December


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