Growing Grapes

Growing your own grapes may appear a bit daunting at first. There is so much that can be done, but it is up to you how much time you put in. Grape vines can be grown either indoors or outside. Dessert grapes are usually grown in a greenhouse or conservatory, where they are more likely to produce large ripe juicy grapes. Some of the newer varieties of dessert grape can also be grown outside successfully. Grapes for wine making are suitable for growing outdoors. They produce smaller more acidic grapes that are less sweet than dessert grapes, but which are still good enough to eat fresh. Grape vines are quick to grow and so are excellent for quickly covering bare walls, fences, and pergolas. They look very attractive with bunches of grapes hanging down, and some varieties have beautiful red leaves in the autumn.  Grapes can also be grown in containers.

How to Grow Grapes – QUICKSTART GUIDE
  • Grape vines can be planted at any time, but are best planted in early spring
  • When planting, angle the main stem towards a vertical cane
  • If growing outdoors, plant in a sheltered sunny location with well draining soil
  • Place stones or gravel around the base of the vine to help retain moisture
  • Provide strong supporting wires for the vine to grow along
  • Prune in winter
  • Remove all flowers for the first 2 years after planting
  • Pick when the grapes feel soft and taste sweet


Grape Vine Varieties

Before purchasing a grape vine, first decide where you are going to grow your grape vine.  If you are growing your grape vine outdoors, then make sure you choose an outdoor variety.  Many greenhouse varieties will only ripen under cover.

Outdoor Grape Vines

Chasselas Rosé Royal – rose-red grapes, sweet flavour suitable for eating fresh or making rosé wine, late season ripening
Triomphe d’Alsace – early ripening sweet flavoured grapes, very hardy and vigorous, exceptional disease resistance, excellent for Northern gardens
Moscato – dwarf grape grown in container, delicious flavour, colourful autumn foliage
Boskoop Glory – sweet juicy grapes, easy to grow, winter hardy, colourful autumn leaves

Greenhouse Grape Vines

Black Hamburg – excellent flavour, sweet dark purple fruit, vigorous growth, unheated greenhouse, beautiful autumn foliage
Muscat D’Alexandria – large golden fruits with a superb flavour, mid-season ripening
Cabernet Sauvignon – small delicious black grapes, suitable for eating or wine making, can be grown outside too
Madeleine Angevine – white grape with lovely citrus flavour, flowers late but ripens early, consistent performance even in poor years, can be grown outside


1. Growing Grapes – QUICKSTART GUIDE
2. Planting Grape Vines – Help on planting grape vines
3. Pruning Grape Vines – Help on pruning grape vines
4. Grape Vine Care – How to maintain a healthy and productive grape vine
5. Harvesting Grapes – When and how to pick your grapes
6. Grape Vine Tips – Some tips to help you get the most out of your grape vine
7. Grape Vine Diseases, Problems and Pests – Help if things go wrong with your grape vine
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