Blueberry Plant Care

Blueberry BushesThe flowers and fruit grow from large fat buds that are found near the tips of shoots. The smaller buds will develop into shoots and leaves. Blueberry flowers are insect pollinated so ensure insects have access to them during early spring.

Blueberries are very thirsty plants, so water regularly with rainwater (which is more acidic than tap water). The plants root system should be kept moist throughout the growing season.

Blueberries will benefit from a feed of ericaceous fertilizer (rhododendron/azalea fertilizer) around it’s two growing periods. Feed towards the end of April when the leaves have fully emerged, and also towards the end of June, just before the second period of growth in late summer.

Pinch out the tips of any vigorous new canes that grow during mid to late summer to encourage side-branching and the development of a bushy plant.

Prune after leaf fall in mid-winter when the plant is dormant. Little pruning will be needed in the first two years after planting. Thereafter, remove some of the older wood each year at soil level to encourage strong new shoots. Mulch with acidic organic material in late winter – Christmas tree clippings are ideal!

Blueberries grown in containers should be repotted every two years when the plant is dormant. A fully grown bush about 150cm (5ft) tall will need a 50 litre (11 gallon) container.


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